Popular Fashion Blogger From Sweden’s Frida Johnson (frida Johnson)

 popular fashion blogger from sweden's frida johnson (frida johnson)

Popular fashion blogger from Sweden’s Frida Johnson (Frida Johnson) has been reported that the faithful called “duplicate outfit Queen”, because very few people like her with a single product mix with a variety of different Look, giving a single product so many possibilities! In fact, Frida Johnson repeat outfit is very demanding, she specializes in a single product with the same and different styles of clothing to do with refreshing, so mix and match the achievements of freshness.

Ably Neat Short Hair Always Hanging In The Charming Smile On His

 ably neat short hair  always hanging in the charming smile on his

Ably neat short hair, always hanging in the charming smile on his face, which is 2011′s hottest major fashion week show off street shooting star of the first impression and fashion critic Elisa Nalin gives. From footwear designers, independent stylist, fashion editor and then design consultant, fashion road Elisa Nalin can be described as colorful. Elisa Nalin highly personal style of dress also let her show off to become the focus of attention, she was the hardest hit pondering color with ease.

Unlike Japanese Hairstyle Exquisite Three-dimensional Like A European

 unlike japanese hairstyle exquisite three-dimensional  like a european

Unlike Japanese hairstyle exquisite three-dimensional, like a European style haircut or two after getting up to go out arbitrary arrests, always with a bit of casual sexy, posters, web series compiled again today to bring you the latest issue of Europe Street beat hairstyle broadcast. Distribution from mature, and wavy hair, to playful tomboy short hair, mushroom head, as well as scarves, hats and other hair accessories with reference Oh!

From Milan’s Fashion Blogger Chiara Ferragni Is A Popular Addition

 from milan's fashion blogger chiara ferragni is a popular addition

From Milan’s fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni is a popular addition to being busy dressing up people, but also the top student of Law. This July, Chiara Ferragni ushered in the summer, vacation, run a good lie uneasy mood of the Chiara Ferragni BAL dress fashion index also bullish. Poster series compiled for BaoYou brought Chiara Ferragni July Street beat + private photos compilations, both summer dress with simple and practical demonstration, more sexy seductive beach swimsuit photos, BaoYou ready Chiara Ferragni the beauties of it!

For New York Is Concerned Shala Monroque Airborne A Few Years Ago

 for new york is concerned  shala monroque airborne a few years ago

For New York is concerned, Shala Monroque airborne a few years ago in New York fashion; fashion designers, Shala Monroque is their most intimate friends and advisers; photographers who shoot on the street is concerned, Shala Monroque is no Alternate show off focus; fans all over the world in terms of fashion, Shala Monroque is an excellent fashion mentor. Fashion Week show off the dazzling black pearls Shala Monroque outfit compilations, who is also a foodie’s “Fashionista” whether you admire?

Platform Shoes Popular In The Summer Of 2011 Has No Need To Do More

 platform shoes popular in the summer of 2011 has no need to do more

Platform shoes popular in the summer of 2011 has no need to do more posters, web series compiled instructions, Europe and the influx of people in the streets dressed exhilaration. Platform shoes charm lies in the degree to help the girls fashion show, but also let the height get promoted, this double benefit of popular single product who are willing to miss it? How exactly this platform shoes Dachu Variety Look, immediately to find answers from the street shooting.

She Is Crazy Baoyou Message Maps Show Off The Latest Pet On The Street

 she is crazy baoyou message maps  show off the latest pet on the street

She is crazy BaoYou message maps, show off the latest pet on the street beat Reds; her appearance much like Audrey Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn), Audrey Tautou (Audrey Tautou) and Natalie Portman (Natalie Portman) combination, very classical beauty. She is today classical temperament posters, web series compiled to introduce you to a short-haired girl Anne Catherine Frey, you will be fascinated by her do?

Has A Superior Good Taste Andy Torres With A Good Physique To Rely

 has a superior good taste andy torres with a good physique to rely

Has a superior good taste Andy Torres with a good physique to rely on perfect every exquisite shape, as she captured a group of loyal fans. Recently, Andy Torres let radiant colors mix and match to an end, try to play a simple low-key style of dress, the dress demonstrate the usefulness of the index improved, providing seasonal styling inspiration from autumn to summer poster Girl.

August 7 To 9 The Three-day 2011 Junjie (lollapalooza) Music Festival

 august 7 to 9  the three-day 2011 junjie (lollapalooza) music festival

August 7 to 9, the three-day 2011 Junjie (Lollapalooza) music festival held in Chicago’s Grant Park. Large influx of people gathered here, we can see the crowd rock flavor of the button nail accessories, retro-style printing Polka Dot Dress, dazzling fluorescent color bag, rebellious personality mix of street …… the first time sent a poster network the Festival of the type of people street beat compilations, see who the body of the influx of goods most suction eye?