Paris Is A Famous Fashion Capital Paris 2012 Pitchfork Music Festival

 paris is a famous fashion capital  paris 2012 pitchfork music festival

Paris is a famous fashion capital, Paris 2012 Pitchfork Music Festival held in La Grande Halle, music lovers from the fashion capital gathered together, they have given rise to the kind of spark? Less beautiful costumes during Fashion Week, the French prime street street shooting people whether as a type? Now look at the Pitchfork Music Festival in street shooting type people what brought us new winter outfit inspired it!

Fashion Blogger Eleonora Carisi From Turin Italy Five Years Ago

 fashion blogger eleonora carisi from turin  italy  five years ago

Fashion blogger Eleonora Carisi from Turin, Italy, five years ago, opened a fashion store in Italy, a company called “You”, the beginning and designers have to deal with. She is also a model, fashion blogger, occasionally shooting streets fashionable men and women on the streets, but more often, she was shot in the views of others. Poster series compiled once in the spring and summer 2013 Fashion Week Street beat bloggers compilations introduced in Eleonora Carisi, she was the other end of the gradient pink and purple hair for everyone to leave a deep impression, but read the street today’s shoot compilations, you might recognize this again bit “Color Queen”!

Brooklyn Impression Multi-ethnic Mixed Into The Modern City Building

 brooklyn impression  multi-ethnic mixed into the modern city building

Brooklyn impression, multi-ethnic mixed into the modern city building, with a little confusion small quiet, young and vibrant young artists here together, creating a unique street scenery. Before poster compiled code has brought everyone to enjoy together over the summer in Brooklyn street shoot-type people, and today we are together, “stroll” Brooklyn under winter cold air, look at this stylish passers-by, if not have a style of it?

Stacey Duguid Is “elle” The British Version Of The Executive Fashion

 stacey duguid is elle the british version of the executive fashion

Stacey Duguid is “Elle” the British version of the Executive fashion editor, she was very simple and fashionable style drawing of the OL, the selection of fashion items she has also been recognized by fans. Poster series compiled to bring today’s Stacey Duguid personal interpretation of winter coats street shooting, 6 basic coat simple but yet the details Cherish after Stacey became fashionable and eye-catching match, reported that the faithful together to learn about it!

Fashion Week Opened Again And Again This Time To The Beautiful Lodz

 fashion week opened again and again  this time to the beautiful lodz

Fashion Week opened again and again, this time to the beautiful Lodz – Poland’s second largest city, but also the textile center of the country, organized by the Polish Fashion Week. Local fashionable men and women, fashion bloggers, as well as buyers from Eastern Europe have appeared in the snow days also showed off a fashion attitude! Hat covered with scarves wrapped OTC guests, and adhere to the short T with veil of beautiful “frozen” people shouted in Poland show off a wonderful debut … Portland Fashion Week Street beat, immediately offer!