Most Original Lion Tattoos : Unleashing Your Inner Beast

As the king of the jungle, the lion is inarguably one of the world’s most prominent symbols of power and leadership. In addition to representing supremacy, it is also a creature that is known for its courage and pride.

While some tattoos feature lions baring their teeth and appearing ferocious, others present their calm and peaceful side. We spent hours scouring the Web for the hottest pieces of inspiration to generate this list of the twenty most original lion tattoos around:


Deer Tattoos For Men And Women

If you go through a retail store and ask every man you see whether or not he hunts deer, most of them will say “yes.” Why? Because it’s in the nature of man to hunt, kill, and eat deer meat. That’s not all though. Deer are fascinating creatures that have some very smart habits and to be quite frank, they’re gorgeous creatures. With that being said, we thought it was about time we put up a list of some Deer Tattoos For Men. Not only do all of these tattoos look great but we know that they will give you a little inspiration for your next tattoo or for next hunting season. Regardless of what you get out of these, we know that you’ll have as much fun looking at the list as we did making it and that’s a whole lot!

Scenic Deer Tattoo

This particular deer tattoo has a very unique look to it. Not only does it display a very nice scenic background but it captures a great shot of a deer as well. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone with an interest in deer that doesn’t fall in love with this amazing tattoo.


Animal tattoos -sparrow for women

Sparrow tattoos are a great design for girls and are rising fast in popularity. Sparrow tattoos having many different meanings depending on which part of the world you are in. Generally the bird represents hope and freedom and the tattooed image is said to carry a person soul into heaven, this meaning dates back to the early 1600s when sailors would get sparrows tattooed on their chests to guarantee that their spirit got to heaven even if their ships sank deep into the ocean.

The design and shape of a sparrow tattoo is usually small with rich lines and a rounded head. Elegant detail with vibrant bright colors play into the sensual undertone and the bird is usually placed in on the shoulder, upper back, or arm. This feathered friend can also be combined with other symbols such as stars or flowers to give a more sense personal meaning and identity.

Being that the sparrow is one of the only birds that mates for life, it’s a good choice for any female to know that a feathered friend will stand or fly by you through thick and thin.


Animal tattoos for women-spider tattoos

Women and spider tattoos represent a venomous personality and are meant to strike fear onto all who gaze upon them. The black widow is the most commonly seen spider on the female canvas and tells observers to beware of this woman’s traits.

Despite the unnatural appearance and the fear that most women have of spiders, they carry a universal allure and attraction hidden deep within thousands of years of culture. Most spider tattoos are done in great detail, drawn with long slender legs and bold bodies to make use of their simple but elegant design. Colors are rich and deep and take their cues from nature, but it’s not uncommon to exaggerate the pallet with an intensely brazen coloration to add more character. Sizes mostly range from small to medium and their flexible configuration makes them wearable pretty much anywhere on the body.

Spider tattoos will always be seen on women despite their fearsome scary nature, and arachnids actually contribute to the world in a positive manner and are essential to the checks and balances of life its self.


Animal tattoos for women-dove tattoos

Dove tattoos take on either a spiritual or more traditional meaning. To the religious the Dove represents the Holy Spirit as part of God’s trinity, and on the traditional side it symbolizes peace and hope. However, many women choose to twine the two meaning together to give their dove tattoo an overall sense of peace and spirit.

This beautiful white bird of purity can be display in countless design patterns. Many girls prefer to keep their dove tattoo simple and elegant, drawn in a classic outline, sometimes adding a rising sun in the background, symbolizing a peaceful journey to eternity. Other depictions are of realistic looking doves of peace or love shown with their wings spread open and flying, often seen carrying something in their beak for a long lost lover. Colors are almost always done in black and white, and frequently the bird will be shaded in a pure white ink.

Dove tattoos will always bring a message of peace and hope, and this bird’s significance on a woman’s body will tell the story of her journey to happiness hidden within.


Tattoos for women-leo tattoos

Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac and any born between July 23rd and August 22nd carries this emblem of courageousness. Leo tattoos represent someone who is bold and brash, darning and unafraid. Outspoken and outgoing Leo’s can be everyone’s friend, but they also have a shy side to their nature and appreciate a bit of seclusion. The planet connected with the constellation is the Sun, and it has some of the brightest stars of any of the zodiacs. The Roman and Greek mythology behind Leo is that the gods made a powerful lion with impenetrable pelt to test the strength and cunning of Hercules during the first of his trials. The lion was eventually slain by the son of Jupiter, but as a result, the gods respected the lion’s effort so much that they placed him in the stars and named him Leo.  

Obviously the tattoo design most associated with Leo is the image of a lion. Leo tattoos take direct imagery from Lion’s in the wild and some of the most popular designs are actual pictures of lion’s in wait. The letter affiliated with Leo is an upside down U, and is generally drawn with each of the ends curling outward in a spiral like motion. Often Leo tattoos will incorporate both the letter symbol and a picture of a lion so that there is no confusion and everyone knows that you are a Leo. Since the planet associated with Leo is the Sun, you will also sometimes see stars, fireballs, or flames around the design, and every now and then it is used as a standalone image to represent the sign. More rarely a heart is used to represent Leo, true romantics; Leo’s wear their emotions on their sleeves and let their hearts guide them. With so many variations of a Leo tattoo, they can be placed just about anywhere on the body, but the bold and brave nature of a Leo, the wearer will without a doubt want it in a spot where it can be easily seen.

Leo tattoos will always be a strong choice for someone who carries the sign, as their outgoing and extroverted personally fit right into the mold of wanting attention, and a lion or Leo tattoo will certainly put you in the center.


Animal tattoos for women

Every girl remembers having a favorite animal, and commonly women want to express that admiration and fondness in the form of an animal tattoo. There are an unlimited amount of animals to choose from, all of which express emotion and acknowledgment for the female’s admiration of living creatures.

Some of the most popular animal tattoos seen on women are of: fish, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, dolphins, and surprisingly horses. (All of which I have categories for along the right hand side search bar) Although many girls carry an attachment for more obscure creatures such as snakes, spiders, and turtles.

Whether you pick a land mammal, amphibian, insect, or flying friend, animal tattoos will always be a mainstay on the female canvas as a pure form of individual expression.


Animal tattoos-Deer Tattoo Designs

Deer’s symbolize softness and gentleness and a huge storage of quite inner strength. That is why deer’s have been a prominent fixture in art and literature for ages now. These gentle creatures effectively inspire us to be soft, gentle and kind to our fellow beings and it is for this reason that deer’s have found a place of pride in tattoo art.

Tribal Deer Tattoo

Deer’s have always held a special place in tribal art and this deer tattoo is an effective example of that. This tattoo stands out for its use of bold black lines and is best replicated as it is depicted here. Make a note of the impressive antlers that cover the whole neck and effectively giving off the impression of a unique ornament.


Cute Turtle Tattoo Designs

In our modern world, the urge to do something different has given rise to tattoos of turtle designs. It shows your love towards the animal. The main reason for its attractiveness is the popularity of Teenage Mutant ninja turtles. Soon people started realising how awesome these shelled reptiles actually are. The turtle tattoo are worn by both men and women.

Family turtle tattoo

Want to get the complete turtle family tattoo made? Turtle family will give a completely different look. A number of turtles are made which show your love for turtles. These turtles symbolise peace and serenity. Turtle family tattoo contains the father turtle, mother turtle and their children.


Cute Cat Tattoo Designs

Cats are very self dependent animals. They can survive by themselves and are not swayed by affection. Cats, even as pets are not overly energetic and have a generally calm disposition about them. A cat tattoo thus represents the ability to be able to look after oneself and be independent.

A kitten tattoo

A kitten is an offspring of a cat and is indeed a very adorable tattoo to have. It is essentially a more feminine and gentle tattoo and would look great on any part of the body. The tattoo could be inked on the shoulder or the lower torso and touches of color can be added to it.