Inspiring Lock and Key Tattoos

Tattooing has moved beyond the sheer tribal mark, or a gang stamp. Today, it’s a recognized form of art, while tattoo artists are talented as fine art creatives, often coming from the world of painting themselves. Leaving their signature on living bodies of people, these artists strive to build their own style, while reflecting the innermost feelings and ideas of their clients, who generally choose tattoos that mirror their personalities. Symbolism is the core of tattoo art, and while some symbols are unique and personal, some tattoos are created on the common grounds, bearing a universal meaning. Lock and key tattoos are one of these ink images, one of the most popular selections of the tattooed, universal enough, but always rendered in a profoundly personal manner. They are signs of secrets, mystery, unknown relationships or reservations towards the world, in general.


Incredible Lizard Tattoos with Meanings

Lizard is a popular reptile which has been motif in many cultures and civilizations. Lizard tattoos are not considered as one of popular tattoo ideas. Those who get the lizard tattoos love the unique meanings the creature represents.

Lizard is a cold-blooded animal which has been thought to be flexible and adaptive to extreme environment. In the legend of Rome, the lizard slept throughout the winter and symbolize death and resurrection. Small Lizard Tattoos are reminding to the meanings of adaptation, variation and flexibility.

There are two popular lizards that can be portrayed in different tattoo designs – the Gecko and Chameleon. The Gecko is known for its ability to stick to nearly anything in Polynesian culture. In the Pacific, the green Gecko is often treated as a symbol of bad omen or bad luck. The Chameleon is known for its ability to blend in the environment around it. The chameleon tattoos are often rendered in beautiful, colorful, and unique styles.lizard-foot-tattoo

Small Aries Tattoos

This is the first zodiac sign and in represented by a ram. It is ruled by the planet mars. People born between March 21st and April 19th belong to this zodiac. Aries zodiac sign holders are independent, generous, optimistic and courageous. They are born leaders and are always ready to act upon ideas. 

A small Aries tattoo on wrist


The Aries zodiac is symbolized by two ram head horns. While looking for a simple tattoo to symbolize your zodiac, this is a tattoo worth considering. The tattoo would look great in any color. Since it is a smaller tattoo it could be inked on the nape of the neck, the wrist or the ankle.

Greek Mythology Tattoos

Greek culture and mythology has always been a popular means of inspiration for modern art. The Greek script with its artistic and stylistic qualities is fast gaining popularity in tattoo art. If you have read all the volumes of Ulysses and seen all the historical Greek movies, and want to take your passion for the Greek culture a bit further, it’s only apt that you indulge in some Greek small tattoo art. 

Agape” Tattoo


For those who are unaware “agape” is the Greek word for the love between God and man. So if you are deeply spiritual and if you would love to be constantly reminded of the bond of love you share with your creator, this Greek mythology tattoo is perfect for you.

Tiny Tattoos That Make The Perfect Accessory

A tattoo can feel like a big decision and its permanence certainly solidifies it as something you should spend some time ruminating about, however a tattoo doesn’t have to be such a big deal. A tiny tattoo is the perfect accessory because it adds a hint of something special without overpowering the canvas of your body. A giant cat may look a little cray but a tiny silhouette of a cat can be sleek, chic and charming.

Dozens of gigantic tattoos are cool for some, full sleeves can be totally sexy and badass but not everyone really wants to get down like that. A small tattoo is easy to conceal, easy to decide upon and, of course, much cheaper.


Tiny tattoos and meaning

Finger Ladybird

A teeny red and vibrant ladybird with black spots makes for a cute and colorful finger tattoo idea.



Tiny Heart Tattoo

A heart inked in pure red sits inked on the inner wrist in this tiny tattoo design idea. Check out the uneven edges giving a hand drawn look to the heart.


Spooky Tiny Tattoo

Tiny can also be spooky. Check out this cute little spongy black nettle ball tattoo with two big eyes out to spook you. This tattoo is a soot sprite from My Neighbor Totoro film.



Phenomenal Tiny Tattoos

Tattoos are a great way to carry a symbol meaningful to one self on the skin. Tattoo designs do not always have to be large and dramatic to draw attention. A tiny design inked with artistic shades and holding a deep meaning can be equally impactful. Tiny Tattoos look really pretty when they are inked on the fingers, toes, and other small parts of the body.

The best part about tiny tattoo is that they give you a miniature world to play with. Whether numbers are your deep interest area, or you love ladybirds, or a tiny butterfly is more your thing, you can get your favorite design inked in a tiny pattern on any part of your body. Within the small space of a few inches, you can have fun being creative and imaginative. Tiny tattoo designs can be something religious and deeply powerful such as a Christian cross or the Jesus fish. You also see tiny tattoos inked near the ankle showing a colorful bug, or a six petaled flower inked in black on the foot. The area behind the ear is great to get tiny tattoo designs inked. You can also get your favorite phrase or group of two or three words inked in a tiny design at the back of your neck. Hearts always make a lot of meaning, so even in a tiny form a red heart design on your back can say a lot in a tiny format. Welcome to the magically powerful world of tiny tattoo ideas, where big ideas can be expressed artistically in a tiny space on your skin, to be with you forever.

The black and red design gives a vibrant look to this tiny tattoo showing the red ribbon symbolizing AIDS, and the numbers 7 and 5 locked inside circles.


Cute Finger Tattoos

People wear rings to signify the moment and status of marriage, or as a decoration, fashion statement. Similar to other placements, there are a lot more reasons to get a tattoo on finger for tattoo lovers. Finger tattoos are rendered in the style of simplicity and minimalism. They are cute while meaningful, esp. for girls and women.

Fingers are one of most visible place on the body. People like to know any subtle change happened on the tiny place. The important is what/who you love and then decide your favorite small finger tattoo ideas. The minimalist design has a lot to say.48-Love-Infinity-Finger-tattoo

Angelina Jolie’s Tattoos And Their Meanings

Male or female, we all adore her, don’t we? As much versatility that she shows in her movie roles and as much of a stylish international icon that she is, the same creativity and style can be found in her many tattoos.

With over a dozen tattoos all over her body and some that she has even got removed to make way for new ones, or to erase old memories, Angie sure is an expert when it comes to the art of tattoo.

Rune style


A rune style tattoo is something that was most common to Norwegians. This rune styled tattoo on her wrist is the letter h. It is said to either remind her of ex-boyfriend Timothy Hutton or her brother James Haven.

Roman Numeric 13


On her left inner arm is the tattoo for the roman number 13. This was done as Angelina does not believe in superstitions.

Small black Ganesh Tattoos

Lord Ganesh, son of Lord Shiva and Parvati is referred to as the god of success in Hinduism. He has a human figure with an elephant head. There are many legends as to how he got his elephant head. All those stories however have one thing in common; that Lord Ganesh ended up being a highly respected deity. While looking for a tattoo idea, Lord Ganesh is definitely a good option. Whether you are a Hindu or not, having the God of Success inked on your body would definitely bring nothing but good luck. Here are a few small black ganesh tattoo ideas.

Small black Ganesh tattoo in paintbrush strokes


A small black Ganesha tattoo with paintbrush strokes would be a very artistic tattoo to ink. It could be inked in a small scale and on any part of the body. The color scheme could be just black of colors of varying shades.

An ‘Om’ with a Ganesh trunk


An ‘om’ sign can be modified to look like lord Ganesh by extending the upper part of the letter to form a curved trunk. This small tattoo would have a creative element to it.